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Westcott Double Fold 43" (109cm) Optical White Satin with Black Cover Collapsable Umbrella

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  • Portable diffusion & reflection
  • Collapses to only 14.5″
  • Telescopic all-metal shaft
  • 7mm tapered tip
  • Included travel case
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    Please Note: This umbrella is not compatible for use with the central umbrella tube on Elinchrom heads. It can be used with the umbrella mount located underneath most Elinchrom flash heads. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have a specific compatibility request.

  • Two umbrellas in one compact design: This umbrella with removable cover is a great portable way to really soften or reflect light from a flash or strobe. With the cover in place, easily bounce light. Remove the cover for instant diffusion.

  • Collapsible for travel: Westcott has been building umbrellas for over 110 years and were the first to bring the collapsible telescoping shaft to the photo industry. This all-metal shaft collapses down to only 14.5" making it small enough to fit into a backpack or gear bag.

  • Solid steel insert: This all-metal framework also offers an all-metal solid steel insert. This insert insures the shaft does not crack or break by tightening down the set screw located on a studio light or speedlight bracket.

  • 7mm Tip: The shaft is finished off with a 7mm tapered tip allowing for use in conjunction with many European and specialty lights on the market. Some of these lights have a 7mm catch pin making them difficult to find modifiers that will work with them correctly. Our catch pin insures a perfect fit with almost all of the most popular lights.

  • All-metal tips: No plastic on our products as these tips are constructed of all metal and are finished with an 8-count thread pass providing quality construction and product durability.

  • Hexagonal shaft: The hexagonal design of this umbrella shaft provides 3x the strength of a normal round shaft. Pair this with the solid steel insert, and it's no wonder our umbrella shafts are some of the toughest in the market. Many times once you tighten an umbrella shaft into place, the tightening knob can dent or even split the umbrella shaft. This enhancements eliminate worry and provide the quality you'd expect.

  • Durable fabrics: For over 112 years, Westcott has been working with some of the finest fabric mills worldwide. Our fabrics are produced using high quality materials and offer a standard one-year warranty against manufacturers defects.

  • Nylon travel case: The included nylon travel case helps protect your umbrella from getting dirty or stained.

  • BONUS! PVC Case: In addition, a BONUS PVC style carry case provides for an extra layer of protection from your umbrella getting stained or damaged.
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    Westcott Double Fold 43" (109cm) Optical White Satin with Black Cover Collapsable Umbrella

    Westcott Double Fold 43" (109cm) Optical White Satin with Black Cover Collapsable Umbrella
    based on 1 review(s)
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    Westcott Double Fold 43" (109cm) Optical White Satin with Black Cover Collapsable Umbrella
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