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Phottix Luna II 60cm Folding Beauty Dish Silver (24") Inc. Grid

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Manufacturer Code PH82761

Phottix Luna II 60cm Folding Beauty Dish Silver (24") - Bowens / S-Type Fit

Easy & Dramatic lighting set up with a silver lining beauty dish.

The Phottix Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish makes taking a beauty dish on location easy. It folds down and is easier to transport than traditional metal beauty dishes.

The Luna II features an integrated S-Type speed ring with locking metal supports. The light characteristics of the Luna II will give a natural catchlight in the eyes of your subject.
By creating soft and uniform skin tones, it's excellent for fashion and beauty industries as well.

The Luna II is the perfect companion to the Phottix Indra series or Phottix hot shoe flashes when mounted on the Phottix Cerberus. The Luna II 60 features a silver interior, and diffuser and fabric grid.


  • Foldable fast set up 
  • Silver lining interior
  • Internal metal supports
  • Integrated speed ring
  • Compact

What’s included?

  • Phottix Luna II Folding Beauty Dish Silver (60cm / 24" )
  • White diffuser
  • Fabric grid
  • Carrying bag
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Phottix Luna II 60cm Folding Beauty Dish Silver (24") Inc. Grid

Phottix Luna II 60cm Folding Beauty Dish Silver (24") Inc. Grid
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Phottix Luna II 60cm Folding Beauty Dish Silver (24") Inc. Grid
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