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Lastolite Joe McNally Collapsible Background 1.5x2.1m Ironworks

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Lastolite Joe McNally Collapsible Background 1.5x2.1m Ironworks

The 1.5 x 2.1m (5’ x 7’) Ironworks background is the latest addition to our highly successful Joe McNally signature range. This new background offers a distinctive vintage, industrial style look, selected by Joe himself from an original painted artwork. Great for portraits, fashion and product photography, this versatile reversible background provides a timeless hand painted backdrop look that subtly complements the chosen subject.

The Ironworks background features the same textural design on both sides, but each with different colour characteristics. The first side is a blend of greys and browns with subtle hints of blue, whilst the reverse surface is a monochrome version offering a broad range of grey tones.

Offering two great backgrounds in one, this collapsible background offers quick, pop up construction that provides the photographer with a truly portable hand painted scroll effect background that can easily be transported by car.

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Lastolite Joe McNally Collapsible Background 1.5x2.1m Ironworks

Lastolite Joe McNally Collapsible Background 1.5x2.1m Ironworks
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Lastolite Joe McNally Collapsible Background 1.5x2.1m Ironworks
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