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Elinchrom Light & Motion ELM8 8000 Lumen Portable LED 5600K

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Elinchrom Light & Motion ELM8 8000 Lumen Portable LED 5600K

Carry Less, Create More.

Manufactured by Light & Motion with Elinchrom, the ELM8 is the most portable, powerful and progressive modular system of point source continuous LED lights in the market. Small and cordless, the ELM8 is fully integrated with Elinchromís Skyport radio ecosystem via the optional remote control, and is compatible with a wide range of light shaping tools via the built in Q-Mount. Compatible with the complete EL range of lightshapers with the EL Adapter MKII, making it the perfect match for Elinchrom usersí existing lighting kit.

Capture What You See
Whatever your level of lighting expertise, the ELM8 is a powerful and intuitive solution allowing you to master your lighting setup effortlessly in no time. Now, experience a real-time preview of how your subject will look. Create your images as you see them.
Portable Power
With an outstanding light output of 8000 lumens, the ELM8 provides a consistent, flicker free, beautiful beam with precise colour and light output at all power levels, making it the ideal light for photo & video creators demanding minimal weight with remarkable power. The integrated Li-Ion battery allows for 50 to 245 minutes of use, from a 105 minute charge. Running low on power? No problem, the ELM8 also operates from mains power*. Enjoy beautiful lighting on the spot, wherever you are.

*Light will operate best on external power when internal battery is charged. For maximum lumen output, make sure the battery is charged at least 50%.
Shoot Cordless
With its rugged and compact design, the ELM8 allows you the freedom to shoot anywhere, anytime and in any weather conditions. And with no power cord to plug, youíre ready at a momentís notice. Enjoy the freedom to shoot anywhere.
Shape & Control Your Light
Extend the use of your gear and benefit from Elinchromís unique light-shaping accessories. A new Elinchrom Remote Control for dedicated continuous light is available to conveniently manage the lightsí settings from the camera/monitor, in any environment, allowing content creators everywhere to work efficiently.
  • CRI - 93
  • TLCI - 94
  • Colour Temp - 5600 K
  • LUX - 16320 (at 1m w/ optional Fresnel)
  • Light Output - 8000 Lumens
  • Native Beam Angle - 120į
  • Water Resistance - IP54
  • Impact Resistance - 1 m
  • Runtime - 50 to 245 min
  • Weight - 1.2 kg (2.645 lbs)
  • Charge Time - 2 hrs (full charge)
  • Size - 20.5 x 9.6 x 9.6 cm (with battery)
  • Radio Control - Skyport Protocol
  • 20 Frequencies / 4 Groups
  • Distance Range - up to 100 m
  • Compatibility - Skyport: 20 Frequencies / 4 Groups or Phottix Odin II

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    Elinchrom Light & Motion ELM8 8000 Lumen Portable LED 5600K

    Elinchrom Light & Motion ELM8 8000 Lumen Portable LED 5600K
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    Elinchrom Light & Motion ELM8 8000 Lumen Portable LED 5600K
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