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DJI Osmo Action

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DJI Osmo Action

Unleash Your Other Side with Osmo Action's Dual Screens & RockSteady Stabilization

  • Dual Screens
  • 4K HDR Video
  • Rocksteady
  • 8x Slow Motion
  • UHD Image Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Live the Action
    Whether you want to record your world from behind a lens or be the star of the show, Osmo Action's dual screens allow you to capture it all with the touch of a button. A vivid front screen lets you frame yourself effortlessly in any setting, while the back screen delivers a crystal-clear, hyper responsibe display. This durable, versatile action camera is jam-packed with advanced technology that lets you spend less time worrying about equipment and more time living the action.
    Rock Stead, Made to Move
    After years of providing advanced, reliable stabalistion technology to filmmakers around the globe, DJI has gone one step further. RockSteady combines EIS with complex algorithms, delivering stable, shake-free footage no matter how heavy the action gets.
    Superior Image Quality
    RockSteady stabilization, 4K HDR, and up to 4K/60fps video deliver stunning clarity in every frame, creating footage that puts you right back in the action.
    More Dynamic Detail with HDR Video
    This dynamic shooting mode ensures natural transitions between light and dark areas, capturing rich details that are often lost when filming in environments with complex lighting.
    8x Slow Motion
    Capture every epic move with jaw-dropping clarity and detail when you use 8x slow motion with 1080p resolution and 240fps.
    Condense time and movement for stunning, easy-to-achieve results.
    Built for Impact
    Osmo Action is up for any adventure, with a high-performance battery that functions well even in temperatures as low as -10C. Its also waterproof at depths of up to 11 meters, making it the perfect underwater companion.
    120s Long Exposure
    Shoot for the stars with manual and semi-automatic settings that allow up to 120 seconds of exposure, perfect for capturing the night sky.
    DJI Mimo
    Control your shots in real time with the DJI Mimo app, create cinematic footage with My Story templates, and share directly to social networks.

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    DJI Osmo Action

    DJI Osmo Action
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    DJI Osmo Action
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