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Broncolor Siros 800 L WiFi / RFS 2 inc. Flash Bag 1.1

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Price 2,256.00 1,880.00 ex. VAT
Add an RFS 2.2C HS Transmitter?
Manufacturer Code BR 31.720.12

Broncolor Siros 800 L WiFi / RFS2 inc. Flash Bag 1.1

SIROS L – Cordless, Compact, Fast and Powerful

Cordless, compact, fast and powerful, the new Siros 800 L is broncolor's latest battery-powered flash head for professionals. Whether you're shooting in the studio or out in the field, the Siros L is the ideal start in professional, battery-powered photography, and perfect when available ambient light needs supplementing with flash. Made from aluminium, this stylish, simple to use head offers up to 220 flashes at full power per battery charge, colour constancy and both very fast, and also long, flash durations.

All Siros L units with the latest software update are “HS” compatible. “HS” lets you use flash in combination with very short exposure time settings on your camera. For example, with ambient light, even with the aperture wide open (selective focus), the image can be underexposed correctly with up to 1/8000 s and Siros L still lets you set dominant and creative light effects. All you need for this is the RFS 2.2 trigger, which is available for Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras.

Siros L is battery-powered

A single fully-charged lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for a Siros 800 L to flash more than 220 times – and it does that at maximum power! A miracle? No, quality!

Siros L is fast

In only 0.03 seconds your Siros L is ready again. The flash duration can last less than 1/9000 s (t 0.1) or 1/19’000 s (t 0.5). Truly miraculous times.

Siros L is simple

Very simple operation using the single rotary controller. Alternatively you can use the advanced, intuitive app. Either way using Siros L is fun.

Siros L is powerful

The high light output, up to 800 J, leaves no photographer standing in the dark – it can even challenge sunshine.

Siros L is LED

With its low power consumption, the 25 Watt LED module provides bright modelling light at a colour temperature of 3000 K. The light characteristics is absolutely comparable with the modelling light from a mains-operated Siros S.

Siros is Swiss

Do you appreciate quality? In Siros L you have Swiss precision and quality – inside and out. Be inspired!

Siros L is family

Proven meets innovation! The battery-powered Siros L, the Siros studio lights and Siros S are all available in both 400 and 800 joule versions. Equipped with the broncolor bayonet fitting, they are part of the best light system in the world.

  • Broncolor Siros L 800 Head
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Protective Glass Dome
  • Reflector
  • Protective Head Cap
  • UK Power Cable
  • Flash Bag 1.1

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Payment Deferred Term:
12 Months
Monthly Installment:
48 Months
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Please note the above quotation is an indicative cost and actual monthly payments may vary by +/- 2p per month.

Broncolor Siros 800 L WiFi / RFS 2 inc. Flash Bag 1.1

Broncolor Siros 800 L WiFi / RFS 2 inc. Flash Bag 1.1
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Broncolor Siros 800 L WiFi / RFS 2 inc. Flash Bag 1.1
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